Big thank you community. Glad to inform you that we got 86 startups applying and have shortlisted 35 teams for the next round of Crackathon. #startups #incubation #mentoring #iitpkd #techin #startupindia #covid19india#

Junction P Startup accelerator


Structured Development

Weekly 4-hour session focused on critical business topics and how to master them.
Weekly assignments- to start building your investor-ready business



Personal mentor (exited entrepreneur / VC / Industry leader) matched to each startup to help and guide you during course development.
Weekly 1 hour sessions with the


Access to

Bi-Weekly Clinics to connect founder to sector experts mentor and support via remote access.
Inclusion in Junction-P Alumni community to access ongoing support, events, investor introductions.



The opportunity to present to early-stage investors at the end of the programme.
Weekly feedback on assignments reviewed with an investor lens to help founders understand what investors look for.

Virtual & flexible 10 weeks experience program for early entrepreneurs (e.g. y combinator/ Berkely Sky Deck).
To be part of our next cohort.

Junction P Startup accelerator Programme Structure

What’s your problem?

Define your minimum viable segment and the job you’ll do for them : Lean Startup Methodologies.

How are you going to solve it?

Design your value proposition and build a minimum viable product (MVP).

How will you find customers?

Design and test your marketing channels : Customer Discovery/ Development.

Business Pitch Workshop?

Make your 5 minutes elevator pitch / Startup fair / e-Journeys.

What’s the plan of attack?

Design your operations, finance, legal, sales, and begin recruiting the resources and partners you need.

Marketing 101 for startups?

Channel to your customer/ user, A/B tests, earned PR.

What are your financial drivers?

Identify the key financial drivers and metrics for your business, Term sheet overview.

How will you convince investors?

Learn the basics of venture funding and craft a compelling pitch.

Pitch prep workshop?

Mock pitch, Due diligence check list.

Demo day ?

Pitch Infront of VCs and investors.

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