We are backed by entrepreneurs who have shaped the world

Junction P is a Not-for-Profit organization that aims to build a startup ecosystem through training, mentoring founders/students/startups, and empowering them with seed funding, startup incubators, etc. thus creating an entrepreneurial mindset.
The founders of Junction P come from Palakkad and are passionate about paying it forward to make Palakkad and Tier 2/3 cities in India a hub of future entrepreneurs.

A few outcomes that we strive to achieve for ourselves and our communities are

  • A platform to share, learn, network and collaborate
  • Self actualization – giving back or paying forward
  • Being relevant and connecting back to where we come from  (Palakkad)
  • Future investment opportunity in early stage startups  as angel syndicate
  • Opportunity to connect to academia, students and research – validating future ideas
  • Opportunity to work with socially impactful projects


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